High accurate weighing results,fast and stable,easy to operate
Applies to industry, agriculture, business,school,scientific research and other units for the rapid determination of quality and quantity of objects

Item Model: FA
FOB Port: Shanghai
MOQ: 1 pieces
Lead Time: 3days

Product Details

Electromagnetic sensor

External calibration

USB interface

Stainless steel pan

Counting percentage(%) Overload alarm etc function

Full range tare,18 kinds of units for choose

Large LCD display white backlit brings clearer and more comfortable visual sense

Model FA1004 FA1104 FA1604 FA2004 FA2104 FA2204 FA1003 FA2003 FA3003 FA5003 FA11003
Capacity 100g 110g 160g 200g 210g 220g 100g 200g 300g 500g 1100g
Readability 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.1mg 1mg 1mg 1mg 1mg 1mg
calibration weight value 100g 100g 100g 200g 200g 200g 100g 200g 200g 200g 500g
Pan size Φ80mm Φ80mm Φ80mm Φ80mm Φ80mm Φ80mm Φ80mm Φ80mm Φ80mm Φ110mm Φ110mm
Dimension(mm) 360x220x355 360x220x355
Net weight 6kg 6kg
Power supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Stabilization time ≤6s ≤6s ≤6s ≤8s ≤8s ≤8s ≤6s ≤6s ≤6s ≤8s ≤8s

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